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How to impress your interviewer

Job interviews take us out of our comfort zones. This blog contains advice and guidance that should help you to be well prepared for an interview, resulting with you impressing your interviewer.

Do your research!

One of the most common questions in an interview... "Tell me what you know about us as a company?". You can almost guarantee this will be asked. This is asked because it is an opportunity for the interviewer to discover your proactiveness. It is a golden chance for you to show you have invested time into your preparation (a major box ticked in the eyes of the interviewer). Get yourself trawling through the company's website ("About us", and "Our projects" are the best bet) and their social media (you could see the business celebrating an achievement which is material for you). Relay this information back to the interviewer, and it is guaranteed to impress.

Plan your schedule/transport times

This part is quite obvious, but is similarly as important as doing your research. Be sure to plan to ensure you're on time for your interview. If it's an online/video call, be in the virtual 'waiting room' 10 minutes prior to you call (mute your mic until you know the interviewer is ready!). If your interview is face to face, a general rule of thumb is to get there 10-15 minutes early. It's a key first impression to your possible new employer!

3 more questions an interviewer is likely to ask you

You are likely to be asked these questions too (as well as "Tell me what you know about us as a company", our advice should help you prepare the answers for your interview...

  • "Tell me about yourself". This question is being used more and more. Use it to outline a few of your best 'working' traits, and add one or two outside of work hobbies/interests too, the interviewer is wanting to get to know you as a person too! Don’t give your complete employment (or personal) history.

  • "Why do you want to work for this company?". This question is made a lot easier when you do your research! Ideally, tell the interviewer something unique about their company that does genuinely appeal to you. Don't use a generic answer, as that would symbolise a lack of research/effort.

  • "What can you bring to this company?". A chance for you to show that you know why this job is available. The interviewer will ask you this to see if you understand what problems the person doing this job is likely to solve. You will need to read the job description thoroughly, and again, use your company research too. This isn't a chance for you to discuss your employment history/background.

Implement your personality on the interview

You will be somewhat nervous prior to a job interview, it's natural. Those nerves make it difficult to implement your personality as you would like. When you first meet the interviewer, give a good handshake (COVID permitting), and smile when you greet them - it's a great sign of confidence! Maintain eye contact when listening/speaking with the interviewer, it will show you're focussed. Be inquisitive, it's a great way to show you're interested in what the interviewer is saying, and the job itself too. When you get your chance to talk about you, take the opportunity to stamp your mark on the interview.

Take some notes!

You could be the world's greatest listener, but nobody will be able to tell. Take some notes whilst the interviewer is telling you more about the job role, or the company (don't do your best impression of a stenographer and write everything down word for word as the interviewer speaks). Again, it is a really good way of showing you're invested in the interview and have an interest in the company.

"Have you got any questions for me?"

You've reached the final stages of the interview, so time to kick your feet up and relax right? Unfortunately not. This final question will be asked. It's highly advisable (unless you're really unlucky and your questions have already been answered) you say "Yes I have a couple of questions". The below list are good examples of what you could ask an interview:

  • Can you explain or show me examples of tasks/project that I’d be working on?

  • Is this a new job role that has been created?

  • Can you explain the opportunities I could have in regards to progression within the company?

  • What’s your favourite part about working here?

  • What gets you most excited about the company’s future?

We hope the above advice and guidance helps you to prepare, and deliver an effective interview!

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