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About IAP Recruitment

We hope you will enjoy learning more about us!

Who are IAP?

IAP Recruitment was established in 2021. We were formed by 2 experienced recruiters who have over 25 years combined experience in recruitment. IAP are consistently placing top quality candidates in both permanent and temporary jobs the across the UK. With IAP Recruitment you can be sure that you are in capable hands.

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IAP's process:

If you're a job seeker then you can view our live job vacancies here. If you see one of interest, either apply through the job advertisement and we will contact you, or get in touch with us using the contact details found here.

If you are looking for new temporary or permanent staff for your business, then please drop our team a call on 01283 381737 or email:  and we will assist you with any requirements you have without delay.

What makes IAP different to the rest?

IAP Recruitment's core business values are built on honesty and integrity. We commit to building trustworthy relationships with our candidates and all customers.


We care about you! Our aim is to provide a service that delivers results to help move your career path, or business forwards. 

Compliance is a top priority throughout our operation. Our internal systems ensure we remain 100% compliant across the entire organisation.

How to contact IAP Recruitment:

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