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Why you should utilise temporary recruitment!

This blog outlines the benefits of utilising temporary recruitment that are relevant for both the employer and the employee.

Firstly, what is temporary recruitment?

Temporary recruitment is a type of employment whereby an employee is hired on the basis of the working requirements of the employer. For example, an employee is hired for a specified period of time. Employers do utilise temporary recruitment to make hires on an ongoing basis too (where there is no specific employment time period), and this can provide long-term working opportunities to employees, whilst still providing flexibility to employers.

Benefits of temporary recruitment to the employee:

  • Temporary recruitment carries a fast 'introduction to start date' process. IAP Recruitment Ltd work with employers who offer next day start dates for temporary employees. Looking to get back into work quickly? There's no quicker way than temporary recruitment.

  • A temporary position can provide you with an opportunity to step into a new career path. Many of the temporary jobs you see advertised do not require identical previous experience in a similar role. So, if you're willing to take onboard training, learn new skills, and embed yourself into the team, it is an opportunity for you to switch up your career and set new ambitions.

  • Opportunity of a better work/life balance. Temporary work generally offers more flexibility than a permanent role.

  • Temporary positions help to fill your employment gaps. If your search for a permanent job is proving more difficult than you thought it would be, this is one of the best ways to show prospective employers your work ethic. The temporary role will help to refine your skills, and keep you earning money whilst you're on the lookout for the new permanent role.

  • Temporary employees are often paid on a weekly basis. If you're between jobs, or if you have been out of work for a while, weekly pay will help to relieve any financial stress.

Benefits of temporary recruitment to the employer:

  • Employing temporary workers allows you to add to your team without increasing your permanent headcount (especially effective during your peak demand times). It removes the long-term commitment given to permanent staff, and the potential issue of having too many staff if/when the workload decreases. This keeps you fully in control of staffing costs.

  • If you hire someone on a permanent basis and they turn out to be unsuitable for the job role, you then have to begin the process of releasing this employee (before you start looking for a replacement), and with notice periods etc. this can take weeks! Temporary recruitment gives you the ability to begin the replacement process at a very minimal cost, both in time and wages.

  • In the Industrial and Warehousing sectors, a great proportion of Management staff began their careers in their chosen sector/business as a temporary employee. The temporary employee you hire could become a critical part of your team in the future. Alike permanent employees, the new temporary hire can provide your business with fresh ideas to help improve your processes.

  • Temporary recruitment is the most efficient way to scale up your workforce at short notice (helping to cover peak demand, or to give your business the ability to deliver on your commitments). Temporary employees usually can begin their employment immediately as they are not tied down with long notice periods.

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