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Share Codes: Who needs one, and why!

This blog outlines what a share code is, who needs one, and why they are important to employers.

What is a share code?

You can be asked to generate a share code to prove your right to work and/or immigration status, for example, to an employer. Employers will use this code to check you right to work in the UK status to ensure their own compliance is correct. Some key points:

  • A share code is usually valid for 30 days, but can be renewed easily once it has expired

  • The code is made up of 9 alphanumeric characters and will follow a format like this: AB1 C2D 4EF

  • You can begin to generate a share code by clicking here. This link will take you to a the UK Govt website to begin the process of getting your share code.

Who needs a share code?

Migrant workers are the main users of this service. It is the quickest way for them to prove their UK right to work status to employers. You can use this service if you have settled or pre-settled status, or applied for a visa and used the ‘UK Immigration: ID Check’ app to scan your identity document on your phone. You cannot use this service if you have a vignette in your passport or a biometric residence permit to prove your immigration status.

Why are share codes important to employers?

Employers must comply with the UK Employment Laws. This share code system was introduced in July 2019, as part of post-Brexit legislation. If an employer is seen to be failing to comply with right to work checks, they can be handed a hefty fine (up to £20,000). Compliance is always top priority for employers, and IAP Recruitment Ltd are no exception.

Want further advice or guidance on this blog?

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